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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Corporate Running

Despite running being a big time-consumer in my life, one has to earn a living too - for me it's managing construction projects for property consultants, Drivers Jonas. Our marketing team as always been pretty on the ball but when they came up with the idea of me running down a Birmingham canal with a brief case, I wasn't particularly convinced. But they've come up with a rather amusing article which I thought I would share, for entertainment value.....


.....and yes, I did get some strange looks when we did the photos.


Brian Mc said...

I knew it - you have a smartly dressed clone who replaces you half way through races enabling the same pace to be kept. Cunning.

Now, where's my testtube and DNA engineering array ... ;-)

flanker said...

I thought I was the only idiot who lived in Warwick and ran back from Brum! Although it takes me a lot longer!