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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Western States 2010 Enrolment

Thought I would post a prompt to those who may have been contemplating having a bash at Western States at some stage. Registration for the lottery is currently open, but only for a period of 2 weeks, ending on 15th October. So far over 1,300 people have signed up. They haven't announced how many slots are available through the lottery, but the total number will be c.400, which includes all the guaranteed entrants such as those who have missed out on the lottery two years running, top 10 male and female runner from 2009, plus a handful of others. The message is, there is only small chance of getting in, so why not just try your luck and go for it if you succeed?

All I can say is that it is an incredible race and surely the best ultra race experience going?

Good luck!


alf said...

what? even better than the 2008 High Peak Marathon, surely not.... lol


Nick said...

Are you going for it again then Jez? You have a privileged place now. I think you should go for the win.... :-)

Rich said...

Wow, If I had the balls I would throw my name in but only done one 50 mile race :-)

John Kynaston said...

Hi Jez

Do you have some photos from the Hardmoors? Are they on your facebook? I'e sent a request to be your friend so I can see them!!


Bryon Powell said...

I second Nick's question. You comin' back for more, Jez? I hope so. Would love to hang out before the race.

Jez Bragg said...

Aha, the million dollar question - WS 2010? I'm seriously tempted, but thankfully no need to make a decision until December!

John - i'll email you some photos. I've had to disable my FB account because I had a virus on my laptop which sent dodgy links out to everyone via FB.

All the best

sharmanian said...

Jez, looks like we're the only 2 Brits in WS100 2010. Great to read your report about it as I'm really looking forward to a great event. I live over in Oregon now so at least will have the mountains and heat to train in. Drop me an email at sharmanian@hotmail.com if you get a chance. Cheers, Ian

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