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Monday, 7 January 2013

Day 27: Camp Bay to Pelorus

Start: Camp Bay (1,724km)
Finish: Pelorus (1,801km)
Distance for the day: 77km
Cumulative distance: 1,801km

South Island distance note: the total mapped distance for the North Island is 1,623km, however with the diversions it was significantly more. The South Island starts at 1,700km, but even with the Cook Strait distance there is still a gap. However as mentioned before, I am certainly well in credit with mileage, as my Garmin distance gauge confirms!

I was definitely excited about today’s run; my first full day on the South Island, and a spring in my step from the euphoria of the Cook Straight crossing yesterday. I also had the best part of the Queen Charlotte track to tackle, and I knew the running would be good from yesterday’s ‘taster’ (24km). It was some of the best running of the whole trip so far, helped somewhat by the cloudless skies which amplified the incredible views. The trail generally follows a forested ridge, in some parts on the thinnest slither of land with water either side. Being well graded, and dusty/ rocky underfoot, it was fast and attackable, something I was certainly in the mood for.

This afternoon wasn’t quite so grand. It got a little bit too hot, and the highlight was an ice cream in Havelock. It was a lot of road with short trail sections between, but at least it was still pretty quick, allowing me to nail 77km and reach the edge of my next big challenge, the Richmond Range. Ahead of me I now have a 100km section of inaccessible trail, but served by a series of DoC huts which my traverse will be based around. I will set off feeling fresh in the morning, and hopefully crack it in 2 days.

It will therefore be quiet here for a day or two….

Early morning on the Queen Charlotte Track

A typical view, this one towards Picton at the head of Queen Charlotte Sound, with the Inter Islander heading into port.

At the end of the Queen Charlotte Track (71km total)


Steven Morris said...

Amazing few days for you boys. Great to catch up with Mark on Skype whilst we had Gemma and Hilary here for a final Sunday roast before they set off this week to join you. Hilary is absolutely adamant that she will definitely NOT be doing all the cooking from the time she arrives - so hard luck chaps!

LAMBERT David said...

Nice pics, great story, amazing country. Thanks for giving us motivation and dreams ideas. Go ahead, but don't go too fast, I don't want it to end early.
Wish you the best. Be brave.

Anonymous said...

Incredible start to the South Island, especially after a day in the kayak.

If I can clear my afternoon I will bike up to Hackett Hut this afternoon, hopefully before Jez goes through

jimmy pip said...

Fantastic account of the last few days, what a paddle- a lifetime achievement for you all, and one of many for you mr jez! I am so so excited to be flying out on Thursday to join the team and experience some of the wanders of running on the South Island. Every day I am inspired.. Every day I am so proud..Every day I think of what you are doing and what you are achieving- what a journey and so lovely for so many people to be able to share and enjoy the experience too. sending love & energy, gem xx

Brigham said...

Awesome Jez. We're tracking your progress and rooting for you. What an inspiring way to start 2013.

Anonymous said...

I tried to meet Jez at the Hacket Hut, within the Richmond Ranges Park, but missed him.
Waited 2 hours, decided he must have gone through before I got there, so went home for tea.
At home I saw from his sporadic Spot tracker that he was still several hours from the Hacket Hut, it looks like he will get there about 12 hours after starting out this morning.
Hopefully he will find the bag of goodies that I left there for him.

Antonia said...
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Antonia said...

Great running Jez! Hope that you are enjoying the Richmond Ranges. Photos of the Queen Charlotte track remind me of when my father (5x50@50 – comment above) made me run sections for a relay team as a child!

Anonymous said...

Go forest go! Loving the blog JB and keep pushing. I sound like a F1 mechanic

Debs M-C said...

I never thought I see the day when I said I can't keep up with your blogging :-) It's compelling reading though. Loving it.

Hugh Marsden said...

Fantastic Stuff Jez - so glad the kayak trip is done & dusted - looked a bit dodgy for a bit with that unpredictable weather!!Keep it up Hugh