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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Two weeks in running (to 13 Mar '16)

I wrote this blog post over a week ago but it got stuck on my laptop which went into melt down and had to go in for repair :o(

So it’s a 2+ week summary instead. Essentially the bumpy journey continues but overall heading in the right direction. My cold returned with a vengeance about 2 weeks ago and then rather annoyingly developed into sinusitis with some horrible headaches, particularly during the middle part of the day. So my planned mini taper for the Haworth Hobble last weekend turned into 5 days completely off running, and cancellation of my race plans.  Booo…. Somewhat frustrating, but definitely the right decision when looking at the bigger picture. The mega drive up north probably wouldn’t have been too much fun anyway.

I managed to get some reasonable runs in over the weekend instead, and have been back to something close to full training this week. The plan is to run the New Forest 50km this weekend instead and, although I’m far from 100%, at this moment in time it feels like a goer, and that it would be a positive training race to run. I’m going to be annoyed if I can’t run after paying a rather extortionate entry fee! I did think about running the Barry 40 track race for all of about 10 seconds – Mr Way sowed the seed – but not sure I could face the 160 laps.

I had an enjoyable run out at the Wimborne 20 a couple of weekends ago, just using it as a long progressive training run, and feeling very comfortable until the last 5 when the hills and my cold meant a levelling out of splits as opposed to getting quicker.

The Fling isn’t a million miles away now so I’m just keen to keep on the straight and narrow of health and fitness. The consistency hasn’t been too bad, I’ve managed 6 out of 7 of the BAC Wednesday night marathon sessions, plus lots of brisk longish runs, and some 5km efforts too.  Not over cooking it early in the year remains my mantra, hence a little a bit of caution here and there. Not a usual trait of ultra runners!

The BAC rabble at the Wimborne 20

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