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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Boddington - 50km Time Trial

On Saturday I ran what must be one of the UK's smallest ever races. Well technically it was a race, but at the same time it wasn't really. It was a 50km time trial, specifically setup so Lizzy Hawker and myself could 'prove fitness' (UKA rules) for the forthcoming World 100km championships taking place on 08 November in Italy. Prove fitness: we both did. Lizzy ran a superb time of 3hr 29mins, I was just ahead in 3hrs 22mins. Mentally it was a difficult 'race' to run. We were really just against the clock rather than each other, although the target times which we both achieved were not particularly easy.

Despite my admitted scepticism, it turned out to be quite a pleasant affair. The course was the one used for the annual Boddington 50km, just north of Gloucester, on a 3.5km flat road loop along pleasant country lanes which were very peaceful aside from plenty of farm traffic! Conditions were good - foggy and chilly with no breeze - perfect for fast running.

It was really a case of job well done. It is still only four weeks since the Ultra Trail, and to be running that sort of distance, at a brisk-ish pace, is still a bit risky. But we can both now look forward to the event itself in less than six weeks time. Back to the speedwork on the roads.......

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