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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Western States 2009 (take II)

Entry in and place confirmed for Western States 2009......

After the cancellation of this year's race due to forest fires the organisers offered places for the 2009 race to all those on the 2008 start list. It wasn't a particularly difficult decision to make, but it still involves a massive commitment both in terms of training and travel, and the decision required some serious thought. It is also the most prestigious ultra in the US and very hard to get a place, so the opportunity had to be taken.

Anyway, I have bitten the bullet and confirmed my entry so I will definitely be there at the start line in Squaw Valley next June. Looking forward to it already......

The Western States trail dropping down from Emigrant's Pass (June 2008)

The final climb up to Watson's monument at the top of Emigrant's Pass (June 2008)

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Brian Mc said...

You've gone a bit blog crazy - not enough running to do? :-)

Well done on the WS100 place and good luck with your training. Any tips for UTMB training, my big target for next year, gratefully received. I think I'll try a 'Round' over 2 days a few times to get some decent up and down over distance training.