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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

UTMB Pre-Race

The UTMB LIVE race tracking facility is now up and running, ready for the start of the race on Friday at 1830 (1730 GMT).

Follow this link.

There is heaps of other pre-race coverage on the web and a good set of pre-race interviews with the elites from irunfar here.

Lots of talk around town about the new mandatory kit requirements and the weight it's going to add to our packs. I've just put my full race kit together and have managed to fit it all into TNF's Enduro 13 pack - the same one I wore last year. No big deal in my opinion and with the forecast as it is, a very good thing.

Just about to head out to collect race number one at check in. Eeeek!....

More soon.


Alex Gillespie said...

Have an amazing race number one! All the best from British ultra fans!

Anonymous said...

Make sure you take your pen with you; lots of folk will be wanting your autograph ;-)

Oh, and you must have a pre-registration haircut, of course.


Andy Cole said...

Good luck for the run, Jez. Keep the flag flying for us!

Mike Mason said...

All the best Jez. Just got a text that Jon and Borkur are together now in Chamonix...no doubt eating lots of pies...take care. Mike

Debs M-C said...

Very best of luck, Jez. Hopefully it will be drama free this year x

Debs M-C said...
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xiain said...

Good luck and enjoy the race, Jez. No.1!

Anonymous said...

All the best Jez. Hope those rainclouds steer clear and most off all that you get the result!