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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Day 16: Waihaha Hut to Pukepoto Forest

Day 16:  Start Waihaha Hut 972k - finish Pukepoto Forest 1040k (approx)

Another big day for Jez today. Last night spent alone in an old hut in the Pureora Forest having started running at 05.30. This forest, yet again, provided a very challenging route which made it impossible to make rapid progress. However it was followed by a long road section which, although tedious, allowed Jez to get into his stride & cover 48km much more rapidly.

Due to having to run various bypass sections, about 20km of today's route will not count towards the official route.

However, earlier today, he reached the 1000km mark & when he finishes tonight, at around 1040km, he will be over one third of the way down the Te Araroa trail. A great acheivement after 16 hard days of running! 

We had a surprise & very welcome visitor today - none other than Richard Bowles who completed the Te Araroa trail in 63 days only 2 weeks ago. He visited with his partner, Vickie, & it was great for Jez to be able to exchange stories about this mighty trail.

Jez declined the comfort of the van tonight in favour of another night alone in the forest, this time under canvas, in order to clock up a few more kilometres (which is why I am writing this blog for him).

Jez is anxious to get to the start of the 120km Whanganui River kayak as planned for the end of Saturday.



Ian Winter said...

Hello Jez. Ian Winter here, neighbour of Jenny and reporter with BBC Midlands Today. Remember that piece we did after your Mont Blanc adventure? Well, I'd love to do another piece when you get back from NZ. So I'm hoping you'll bring back some great video footage.

All the very best, loving your blog, and your Mum's very excited about her trip to NZ. Cheers and good luck, Ian

David said...

Hi Jez,
I am following your journey from France. It's a fabulous trip, thanks for sharing it with us. I am wishing you the best, take care and good luck.
Thanks to the crew, good job, you are all amazing.

Paul Evans said...

How nice of Richard Bowles to join Jez and I bet it was welcome company.
Keep up the fantastic work Jez and crew.