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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Day 5: Whangaruru South to Kiripaka

Start: Whangaruru South (281km)
Finish: Kiripaka (338km)
Distance for the day: (57km)
Cumulative distance: (338km)
Cumulative moving time: 50hrs 57mins

The total distance for today’s run was actually 64km, but there is slight route dilemma which I’m approaching with caution (i.e. I’m running the extra distance) just really for completeness. The section in question is the Ngunuru River esturary where the organisers hope to push the official route through via a river crossing and section of link trail, but for the moment that’s not officially open. So I’m running a 16-odd km road diversion which won’t be reflected in my distance summaries. I need to stick to the distance markers on the official maps to avoid complete confusion.

A long ascent on a dirt road, early in the day.
The impressive 350m footbridge across the  Whananaki Inlett just before lunch.
It was a tough run today, the weather being hot and humid, and I didn’t get a huge amount of sleep last night because there was a wedding going on at the campsite where we stayed. The live band was great, but I could definitely have done without it until 1am…..

As I head south it’s interesting to watch how the terrain, climate and geography is changing. The forests of the far north were incredibly dense, but they’re definitely mellowing now, thankfully. There is less mud and it’s generally getting more dry and dusty underfoot. My average pace was better today, but it’s still constantly undulating and tough terrain to achieve the target distances.

The landscapes today could easily have been Wales or Scotland making me feel quite at home; rolling hills, plantations, fields filled with livestock and even  stiles! Once section hugged the coast passing a number of deserted beaches which were simply breathtaking and a real tease for a hot and tired runner.

Not a bad place to be running.

Routine is definitely very important with a journey like this, both for my crew and for me. We’re definitely getting slicker with everything now, and thankfully that means a little less pressure on time. Having said that I’m generally running 10 or 11 hours days so there’s not much late afternoon napping and tea drinking going on at the moment!

James and Mark will post over the next couple of days to give you an insight into all the marvellous work they’re doing. Their days are equally epic, I can assure you of that. I can’t thank them enough for what they’re doing.

Bangers and mash time now….  :o)


iain91914 said...

Great to to read about your journey, Jez. Look forward to following. On the blog, that is! Good luck to you and team. Iain

Steven Morris said...

Keep it up Jez. Sounds like it's going we'll so far. By the way, Mark knows all about causing camp site disturbance. Just ask him about River Dart !!

Alex Gillespie said...

Awesome posts. What a great effort. Makes me want to get to NZ too!

Laspa health and beauty said...

Jez, I have been reading you blog.with amazement..your journey sounds epic and the photos are beautiful. I will continue to read each day. Keep it up, keep blogging, keeping.snapping pics and have fun! Lauren. P.s...im a collegue of gemma...she ravs about your trip :-)

Kaz said...

Going great Jez! Loving the daily updates. Enjoy your bangers and mash.

Katie Spear said...

Following your progress Jez, huge respect! Scenery looks amazing from your photos. Good Luck to you, Mark and James - Katie & Jon xx